Monday, January 28, 2008

Going Political

Every once in a while, I am jarred out of my kayaking daydream by reality. Let me explain ... St. John's is "blessed" with a mayor known best for his bombast and bullying. His name is Andy Wells. Mr. Wells has accepted a new full-time job as head of the provincial Public Utilities Board (PUB), starting in March 2008. Unbelievably, Mr. Wells has indicated that he is debating when to step down as full-time mayor of St. John's. He is seriously considering staying on as mayor until late September 2008. During that period he would receive his PUB salary (reported to be almost $180,000 per year) and his mayor's salary (more than $90,000 per year). The mind boggles at the arrogance of this greed!

Anyway, I was compelled to send a Letter to the Editor to the St. John's daily newspaper, the Telegram. You can read my letter here:

The Editorial in the paper the same day explored the same topic:

And now back to kayaking ...