Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This blog will feature sea kayaking around the coast of Newfoundland on the Atlantic coast of Canada. It's a big island with 30,000 km of shoreline to explore. I'll post highlights from recent paddling trips. I am the President of the provincial kayaking club (Kayak Newfoundland & Labrador), so I will mention the odd KNL event (and some of them are quite odd!) Finally, I'm halfway through building my second stitch-and-glue sea kayak, so I may bore you with stories of boat building success and catastrophe.

Stay tuned.

Neil Burgess

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Michael said...

Neil -
Welcome to the topsy-turvy, fun-filled world of kayak blogging. It's the perfect remedy for those days when paddling is totally impossible. One of the few reasons to bring a satellite-equiped laptop along on a kayak trip! LOL
Give my warm regards to both Wendy and Freya when you meet them. They're both wonderful people, as I'm sure you will discover for yourself.