Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 4, Notre Dame Bay

On Day 4 of our trip (4 July 07) we started out from Stag Cove, just south of Sunday Cove Island, and we paddled 21 kms to Julies Harbour in Badger Bay (click on map & photos to enlarge).

We packed up our tent on the wharf and headed out.

Here's Isabelle paddling towards Haywards Head in ideal conditions.

We entered Charley's Cove (2 kms northeast of Robert's Arm), and I heard the high-pitched call of a bald eagle. After scanning the cliff in the cove, we spotted the eagle nest in the photo.

We then crossed to Hayward Gull Island and onwards through Flat Rock Tickle (which separates Pilley's Island from the mainland). A moderate head wind came up late in the morning, just to keep things interesting. We stopped for lunch on Raft Island (next to Pretty Island). As with many of the afternoons on our trip, the clouds darkened and we could see isolated showers nearby.
We crossed Sops Arm and paddled around Burton's Head, passed south of Duck Island, and entered Badger Bay.

We headed southwest along the shoreline in Badger Bay. Crossing the first cove, we discovered this osprey nest. An adult osprey flew in, carrying a fish in its talons.

We arrived at our campsite in Julies Harbour in mid-afternoon. This spot was recommended to us by several paddlers. What a memorable spot! A long gravel spit (shown above) protects the harbour. The wreck of an old Bombardier snow machine sat rusting in the sun. Two streams provided an abundance of freshwater. There were dozens of houses here a hundred years ago, as this was once a bustling fishing community. An old road led into the forest, past an abandoned cemetary. One cabin was set back in the woods. The siding had been ripped off it in several places by black bears. We found fresh bear scat in a couple of spots closeby. We quickly decided to pitch our tent across the harbour on the spit. Taking advantage of the afternoon sun, we had a quick bath beside a stream, filled our water bottles, and feasted on supper. A day to savour.

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