Saturday, April 04, 2009

Kayaking in Sea Ice

After watching the wind take the sea ice in and out of Flatrock Harbour all week, Isabelle and I finally got the kayaks in the water on Saturday to have a closer look. The shot above shows Isabelle at the Flatrock wharf with chunks of sea ice.

We paddled along the shoreline, which was lined with big blocks of ice.

Here is the view looking out the harbour towards Redhead, which is obscured in the fog. The sea ice was out beyond Redhead today.

We stopped by Murdering Gulch to check out the waterfall, which is running strong with all the spring run-off.

We paddled out around Redhead through some mild clapotis and rounded the corner into Redhead Cove. And there was the sea ice! Check out the ice on the cliffs behind Isabelle, too. There were also several thousand eider ducks and some long-tailed ducks, too. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good photos of them.

In the background of this photo, the sea ice is solid to the horizon.

We headed south in a stiffening breeze towards the Beamer. Here is Isabelle checking out the northwest side.

Paddling back along the Beamer to the wharf, we saw a group of purple sandpipers on the rocks. These little guys are tough to survive the winter here.

We were very lucky today. The air temperature was 8C and the ocean temperature was OC. Off to the pool tonight to help coach a rolling clinic. Should be a little warmer there, I hope!


Tony said...

Looks like I missed a good paddle. But I was lucky my car trouble was on Paradise Road as opposed to the Outer Ring - otherwise I might be hospital tonight or worse! Ah well, next time

Tony :-)

allan Gering said...

Kayaking in Newfoundland is incredible in spite, or perhaps because of the weather. In any given year paddlers in Newfoundland will paddle with or around the normal things we almost take for granted - ice flows, caves, arches, seals, bears, ice bergs, whales, lots and lots of whales, walrus, eagles, cormorant, all flavours of gull, harlequin duck, puffin, turr, sunfish, giant leather back turtle on occasion and the list goes on.
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