Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kayaking in Croatia, Part 2

Back in Croatia, paddling north up Stonski Kanal. Another calm and sunny day.
Marko and Ysabelle are pulling into our lunch spot northeast of Przina. We had a good scoff of mussels.
This is the village of Broce, our first B&B overnight.
A relaxed breakfast at the B&B. It's common to grow grape vines over the terrace for shade at houses in Dalmatia.
Paddling just north of Broce, we came to the walled town of Ston. You can see the walls going up the hill and over to the next town of Mali Ston. It's the longest medieval wall in Europe and second only to the Great Wall in China. The walls barred access to the Peljesac Peninsula from the mainland. Tolls were charged to travellers and trade goods passing through the walls.
Ston is also famous for its old salt works. The salt lagoons are on the right in the photo. Stonski Kanal is on the left. The town was very pretty. We had a great supper of seafood!

A flower-lined alley in Ston.
A cooling lemonade in a cafe before we get back on the water and head south for the Elafiti Islands.
Ysabelle paddling past some beautiful geology on the north side of Olipa Island.

When we stopped for lunch on Olipa, Ysabelle practised her roll in the warm, clear water.

Here I am passing underneath the lighthouse on Olipa facing Veli Vratnik.

Ysabelle on a leisurely crossing of Veli Vratnik, heading south towards Jakljan Island.

Marko and Ysabelle exploring the cliffs on the seaward side of Jakljan.

Ysabelle cooling off in the narrows between Jakljan and Sipan Islands. It was 30 degrees C, sunny and no wind.

Approaching the town of Sipanska Luka on Sipan. This was one of the most beautiful island towns we visited.


michael said...

Looks like a fantastic way to see the region. Great descriptions and photos.
Croatia looks like an incredible destination.

Neil Burgess said...

Hey Mike,
Yes, I'd say Croatia is right up there in the top 5 list of fabulous kayaking destinations.

Helford River Expeditions said...

Beautiful photo's, Montenegro looks like another destination that could provide remote kayaking opportunities

Brian Newhook said...

I second that Neil, of all the places me and Angie have traveled, Croatia has been our favorite by far.

sunny kumar said...

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