Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KNL Retreat 2007

Well, it's been a dog's age since my last post. Lots to catch up on.

The Kayak Newfoundland & Labrador Retreat in late May was a huge success once again. More than 100 paddlers participated in Atlantic Canada's biggest kayaking event of the year. Our special guests this year were Freya Hoffmeister from Germany and Greg Stamer from Florida.

Here is Freya helping Dirk Muir with his coaching skills. Freya has a great progression for teaching rolling in her Greenland-style super-low-volume kayak. She had many paddlers rolling for the first time in her clinics. She also mentored Dirk and myself in teaching rolling using her methods. It was a rewarding experience for all of us. Many thanks to Freya for sharing her love of Greenland rolling with us.

Greg Stamer taught Greenland paddling clinics that were a real eye-opener. Most of us had not used a Greenland paddle before, so this was our entrance into a new paddling world. Through a combination of onshore lecture, on-the-water demonstrations and coaching, Greg introduced us to the basic strokes using Greenland technique. The subtlety of using a Greenland paddle efficiently was immediately obvious. I am hooked on my Greenland paddle. Many thanks to Brian Duffett and Dirk Muir for letting us use their collection of Greenland paddles for Greg's clinics. It was incredibly helpful to trade the many paddles around, so we could see how slight changes in design influenced performance and fit. Greg's enthusiasm for Greenland paddling was infectious. He is a great teacher!

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