Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 2 in Notre Dame Bay: Part 1

On Day 2, we paddled from Pilley's Island to Oil Islands and then on to Little Bay Islands, for a total of 24.5 kms.

Here's the cabin we stayed in at Fox Cove on Pilley's Island. Boats are packed and we're ready to head out for Day 2.

As we paddled around the north end of Pilley's Island we entered Long Island Tickle. Long Island is on the right.

I discovered this old wooden trough or slide coming down the side of a cliff on the north side of Pilley's Island. I asked a nearby lobster fisherman what it was and he said it was a slide for loading firewood cut on top of the cliff into a boat.

From the Tickle, we paddled north to Oil Islands, where we stopped for lunch. Harvey Rice and Colin Hiscock had both suggested it was worth a visit. The cobble area had a dozen food pits dug into the rock by Beothuks. The views up and down the bay from this narrow bar were outstanding.

Here's the view to the north with Little Bay Islands on the left and the Baie Verte peninsula in the background.

The crossing from Oil Islands to Little Bay Islands is 5 km. Conditions were ideal for us.

There were 7 icebergs visible across Note Dame Bay on this crossing.

For those of you away from Newfoundland, this is the best year for icebergs since I moved here in 2000. The abundance of icebergs varies a lot from year to year. Northeast winds in spring help bring the icebergs (floating down from Greenland) closer to the Newfoundland coastline. Without those winds, the icebergs follow the Labrador current out around the Grand Banks, never getting close to shore.

I'll post the rest of the photos from Day 2 soon.

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