Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Six-day paddling trip in Notre Dame Bay

Last week, Isabelle and I took off for a six-day sea kayak trip in the Triton area of western Notre Dame Bay (see the blue box on the above map). I highly recommend this area for Level 2 paddling trips. The many islands and channels offer protected water in any wind. You can adapt your route depending on the forecast.
On Day 1, we launched in the mid-afternoon at Pilley's Island and paddled under the causeway to Triton Island, and then on up Pilley's Tickle in a moderate to strong headwind. We called it quits at Fox Cove and camped out in a small woodcutter's cabin, which was unlocked (Thanks!). Freshwater was available from a stream just a few steps behind the cabin. It was a short day because of the late put-in (just 10.3 km). Below is Isabelle at the put-in as we packed the boats.

The village of Pilley's Island in the afternoon sun.

Paddling up Pilley's Tickle in the rising wind. The area had several mussel aquaculture operations (the yellow and blue floats in the photos below).
More mussel growing operations and Nogood Island behind Isabelle. The island didn't look so bad to us?! The iceberg in the background posed a risk to the mussel lines.

The next post will feature some of the highlights we encountered on Day 2. This part of Notre Dame Bay has many interesting natural and culture sites worth visiting.

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michael said...

Neil - great trip description and super photos.