Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day 2 in Notre Dame Bay: Part 2

The icebergs were incredible. Here is the view from our campsite on the second night. Impressive!

After crossing to Little Bay Islands, here Isabelle enters the harbour of the only village on the island.
Here is one of the older houses near the entrance of the harbour.

No danger of missing this house when you paddle around the harbour!

We continued north to North Harbour. We had to paddle past this iceberg to enter the harbour.
North Harbour is totally protected from the wind and sea. Here is our campsite for Day 2. A great spot. A stream and picnic table were located in the background of this photo.

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Michael said...

Great trip account Neil! So sorry not to have paddled together this summer, although Alison and I got a day in together just before I headed home. I agree it was a great summer for bergs.