Monday, July 09, 2007

More Icebergs!

Isabelle, Alison Dyer, and I paddled from Alison's cabin in Capelin Cove (Hant's Harbour) to New Melbourne in northeast Trinity Bay. We ran into several bergy bits at New Melbourne, which gave Alison a big smile above.
Here we are passing the lighthouse at the entrance to Hant's Harbour. Below Isabelle and Alison explore the rocky shoreline.

Near New Chelsea, we found this interesting archway.

We stopped for lunch at Alison's favourite picnic beach at New Chelsea. Below is a the view of an old house near the beach.

We paddled on to New Melbourne where we encountered the ice. This was Alison's first ice experience for 2007.

There were more bergs in the distance.

A very pleasant day on the water. And another section of coastline covered for the Kayak Newfoundland & Labrador's Circle the Avalon Club Challenge.

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Alison Dyer said...

hey Neil - finally back online - remember that as a fun day. lots more of trinity bay to explore - both sides. Alison